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Choosing between an Open Frame Degreaser and a High Performance Degreaser is largely a matter of determining which solvent you will use. Although either style can be used with virtually any degreasing solvent, each style has been designed to optimize its use with specific cleaning agents. If you have not yet determined the solvent, browse through the pages for each style, or contact us for suggestions.

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Open Frame Degreasers are designed and built to provide efficient, reliable service when using chorinated solvents or N-propyl bromide based solvents. Generally, these solvents are used in applications that require the removal of heavy grease, oils, or compounds. These solvent vapor degreasers meet recent EPA and NESHAP guidelines for use with trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene. Although they may also be used with fluorinated solvents, we suggest that you investigate our High Performance Degreasing Equipment for those applications. High Performance Degreasers are the latest developoment in open top degreaser design. These solvent vapor degreasers were specifically designed for use with the new generation of environmentally-friendly fluorinated solvents (HFE, HFC, and HCFC). These solvents are most often used for precision cleaning of electronic, optical, and medical components. This new line of vapor degreasers includes innovative features, like sealing covers, automated shut-down cycles, secondary containment, and early malfunction detection: all designed to make operating with the new solvents cost-effective and trouble-free.
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